To create a new lookup table you need to understand the basics of a lookup. In this software version, a lookup can consist out of 2-200 steps The lookup provides the text shown on the GC when a fader is controlled. Like degrees Kelvin 2000-6000 for a CCT channel.

For a simple lookup, you can just select 'look up' and then new, or you can always open an existing look up to adapt . You can just start with adding lines by clicking the + sign.

Then you can just select a box under display text and enter the text you want to be shown on the GC for a certain value. the text can only be between 1 and 6 characters. confirm with enter. then select which value you want to enter 16bit,  8 bit or percentage. Enter a value and confirm by pressing enter. You can directly test the settings on the preview fader on the right. If you want to enter a lot of lines, you can do this by 'import text' (see tutorial 8)

By selecting 'symmetric' you activate the center option. then the fader will be at 50% by default.

just give a name to the lookup and save



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