Create and upload a library

Connect the gaffers control to the computer with a USB printercable (USB B)

Select ‘Libraries’

 You get a list of libraries that are already stored and ready for use.By clicking once on a library name, you just select it.This gives you a list of all included fixtures in the window on the right.If you want to upload this library, just click ‘send to device’ on the top.Please wait till the screen of the gaffers control comes back to normal before going further.By double clicking on a library name, you open the library and you can ad or remove fixtures from the library .The left window is a list of available fixtures, the right window is the library.When you select a fixture in the library, you can remove it from the library using the arrows in the middle. The same in the other direction. When you’re finished, you can just save or if you want to give another name: change the name and ‘save new’.To create a new library you just select ‘NEW’The left window is again the list of available fixtures and the right window is now an empty library. Just select fixtures you like to ad and ad them with the arrows in the middle.

Give the library a name and ‘SAVE’

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